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Immediate Critical Needs in Haiti


Food insecurity remains at crisis level in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew devastated the bread basket of Haiti in October of 2016. Beyond the devastation to houses and the reported 1,000 lives lost in the country, livestock was lost, fruit trees destroyed, and fertile fields soaked in salty sea water. Worse yet, many farmers were unable to access new seed for the rapidly approaching planting season of January and February. Many seeds from international organizations arrived too late, and the fields lay fallow for another year when food is in desperate need.

Entering another planting season, hope may well remain in the seed. The Methodist Church of Haiti is working to provide much needed aid. Jean Guerby Dorimain, EMH Agricultural Coordinator, holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the State University of Haiti and a Master’s in Land Management and Regional Development from LaSalle in Quebec. A native of Haiti, he is leading the effort.

Support the seed distribution effort led by Guerby to make an immediate impact in Haiti. Funds given to EMH will be used to purchase seed and provide farmers with training and support. Haitian agricultural experts will oversee the project as Methodists seek to make a significant impact in an area in crisis. Give a seed now to help bring food security to Haiti.

Water Filtration Systems

Missouri Methodists have worked to secure clean water in Haiti since 2011. Home-use water filters help ensure personal health while clean and reliable water systems remain underdeveloped. The need for these filters accelerated as cholera spread through water systems throughout the country. The first line of defense, these filters provide families with safe water for up to 10 years.

In 2018, Missouri groups will be partnering with Methodist schools throughout the island. Key to success of the filters is a training session where people learn how the filters work, where to collect water, how to store clean water and more. Follow-up in case a component breaks or there are further questions about use is also critical. Methodist schools prove the perfect partner for distribution because of their connection in the community.

You may help by donating $50 to supply clean water for one family. Funds given to the clean water program support the training, installation and follow-up of filters in communities with great need. Teams may also join together to help distribute filters in affected areas. Join in and help more people gain access to clean, safe water in 2018.

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