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I am the Missouri Conference...


By Fred Koenig

June Ungles has been part of three United Methodist Churches in the Pony Express District, and they’ve shaped her life along the way. Her parents were farmers near Skidmore, and were active in the Skidmore church with their seven children. Ungles earned seven bars on her Sunday School perfect attendance pen, participated in Vacation Bible School, and was president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. It was through MYF that she drew her husband-to-be into the United Methodist Church. 
After high school they moved to St. Joseph for additional schooling and jobs, and were married in Huffman Memorial UMC, and their oldest child was baptized there. Later they moved across town, and their neighbor invited them to Wesley UMC, which was closer, so they transferred their membership and their second child was baptized there. 
But church has never been more important to her than it has been in the last 15 years. She retired and her husband passed away, and she felt lost. Then she got busy. “Time is a gift, and I try not to waste it,” she said. “I said I know there are things that need to be done.”
She said the church is like her family, and tells them that she couldn’t have made it through that difficult time without them. Now the church might feel the same way about her. She sings in the cantatas’, participates in Bible study, cooks for funerals and on her night for Wednesday night worship, heads up the prayer chain, visits shut-ins, helps with the annual turkey dinner and flower sale, counts attendance and is currently working on the church directory. 
“If there’s something that has to be done at church, I want to be there,” she said. “God blesses me every minute of my life.”