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Giving at Conference


$13,365 for Pathway Out of Poverty

This offering was given during the opening worship service on Friday. Empowering the next generation for a different tomorrow is one of the Conference’s priorities. The Pathway Out of Poverty initiative dreams of supporting children in Missouri with resources for increased literacy and school success. Contributions support resources for local church initiatives, training and holy conferencing as the Missouri Conference seeks to make a transformative difference in lives of children across the state 

$21,739 for Puerto Rico

This offering was given during the memorial service on Saturday, and means the Missouri Conference surpassed the goal of giving $150,000 to Puerto Rico for hurricane recovery that was set during Annual Conference Session in 2018. The total given to Puerto Rico was $165,471 in cash donations in the past year. An additional $30,000 was given specifically for vehicles. 

Missouri Conference Mission Strategist Lucas Endicott also reported that the Missouri Conference has not just donated monetarily but has also given generously of their time and talents by sending 58 volunteer teams to aid in disaster recovery. These teams also bolstered the local economy by paying for transportation, accommodations and food. Plans are currently under development to celebrate the completion of the Missouri Conference’s role in aiding in Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery. 

$20,837 for Mozambique

As the Missouri Conference’s hurricane recovery work in Puerto Rico draws to a close, the work is just beginning in assisting Mozambique with recovery from a disastrous spring. In late March, Mozambique was hit by one of the worst cyclones to make landfall in the southern hemisphere. The nation lost millions of acres of crops, countless homes and public buildings, and experienced hundreds of storm-related deaths. Disaster recovery resources were released immediately as the Missouri Conference Mozambique Initiative works closely with the United Methodist Conferences in Mozambique. Resources for long-term recovery continue to be in short supply. Donations to the effort can be made by mailing a check payable to the Missouri Annual Conference with “Mozambique Disaster Recovery” in the subject line to Missouri Annual Conference, 3601 Amron Court, Columbia, MO 65202, or by giving online at