GC2019 Hospitality Leadership Team Announced


In preparation for the called session of General Conference February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri, the Missouri and Illinois Great Rivers Conferences has assembled their hospitality leadership team. Both conferences will serve as co-hosts. Their responsibilities will be for event hospitality. The leaders are counting on Missouri and Illinois Great Rivers United Methodists to offer their time to serve in this capacity. The Commission on General Conference is responsible for the design of the meeting (worship, agenda, logistics). The commission will also provide volunteer marshals and pages for the business meeting.
  1. Global Delegation Hosts (ILGR/MO co-leads) – Steve Jones/Mike Crawford/Patty Johansen
    Hospitality guides to greet global delegations at the airport and escort them all the way to their GC2019 hotel. These guides will escort global delegations on their return trip to the airport following the conclusion of the conference.
  2. Transportation (ILGR/MO co-leads) – Rob Barringer/Christy Phillips
    Transportation guides to greet in the airport (domestic delegate arrivals and at MetroLink connections at airport and beyond), to ride the MetroLink during delegate arrival days, to be on the MetroLink platforms near hotels (Stadium, 8th & Pine and Convention Center). There may be some need for shuttle drivers in church vans/shuttles for transport.
  3. Hotel Hospitality (ILGR/MO co-leads) – Sally Hoener/Mary Alice Cunningham
    Hospitality guides situated at GC2019 hotels in the lobby to offer support and guidance to delegates and GC2019 guests. Multiple languages is a plus for serving in this area. These guides will be versed on local restaurants and amenities and will develop a relationship with hotel hospitality staff to ensure that GC2019 delegates and guests needs are met.
  4. Dome Hospitality (ILGR/MO co-leads) – Linda Gastreich/Brian Caughlan/Carol Conover/Patric Newton
    Hospitality team members will serve inside and outside the Dome and through the concourses (but not inside the business meeting). Responsibility for this area includes hospitality rooms including youth hospitality and the Bishop’s hospitality room.
  5. Registration (ILGC/MO co-leads) – Jill Arnold/Dayle Badman
    Hospitality team members will help register delegates, media and guests for the conference. Computer experience a plus. Additional languages a plus, but not required. Gifts of administration and organization and people skills required.
  6. Prayer (ILGC/MO co-leads) – Tina Harris/Aletha Weatherall
    Prayer team working in collaboration with Upper Room to immerse the space and the meeting itself with prayer leading up to and throughout the conference.
  7. Warm Clothes Closet – Staffed by Midwest Mission Distribution Center, led by Chantel Corrie. No additional volunteers needed at this time. Donation information to come.
As a reminder, we have asked all United Methodists to consider the following as we move toward February:
  1. Participate in a weekly Wesleyan fast: a 24-hour fast from Thursday after dinner to Friday mid-afternoon. Those who have health situations causing food fasts to be unadvisable might consider fasting from social media, emails or another daily activity.
  2. Daily prayer from 2:23-2:26 p.m. for our Church’s mission.*
  3. Pray with the UMCPrays.org prayer calendar through February 2019.*
*Prayer Resources available at: moumethodist.org/prayingourwayforward