Free Resources for Just Say Yes!


You’ve read Just Say Yes! by Missouri Bishop Robert Schnase. You’re excited about making changes to allow everyone in church to follow their passions to serve. But how do you go from being a reader and believer to a doer? That just got easier.

Just Say Yes! was designed to be a book of action from the beginning. It includes discussion questions, scripture references and prayers at the end of each chapter to help facilitate its use in small groups. Bishop Schnase has now released several new supplemental materials to help people put the ideas of Just Say Yes! into motion. They are available as free downloads from the website Resources include: 
  • Leader Retreat Guide  
  • Invitational Postcard  
  • Leader Retreat Powerpoint  
  • Small Group Study Powerpoint
There are also several videos available for download to support the ideas behind Just Say Yes! Bishop Schnase put so much energy into this idea because he believes that Yes can be the gateway for many churches to change course.

“I’ve seen people give up on the church, not because they abandon their faith or disagree with our mission, but because they feel stifled, restrained, shut down, and closed out by archaic and impenetrable systems and by defensive and controlling leaders who are averse to change,” he said. “My prayer for Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry is that people whose passion has been simmering for years, who yearn to be told Yes will be given new hope through practical ways church leaders can rethink fundamental assumptions about organizations and leadership.” 

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