Estamos Juntos: We Are Together


By Pamela Tilmore

The M’punzu Trio opened the report from the Mozambique Initiative of the Missouri Conference. Sarah Bollinger, Associate Director of the Mozambique Initiative, shared a joyful report of a successful year. The theme of her report was Estamos Juntos which means We Are Together.
This year, the Gondola Training Center opened with the mission of training and equipping pastors in Mozambique. In March, the first group of pastors finished the first module of training. A second module begins in September. Women in Mozambique routinely walk four miles to get water that is often not safe for drinking. This year saw the completion of 23 wells, and 11 more are in progress. 
The Mozambique Initiative offers micro loans to churches to help people develop ways to earn money. 
Bollinger believes that the most salient fruit is relationship. Estamos Juntos. We are Together. This theme expresses the Great Commandment to love God and love neighbor and to be with and for one another. She believes radical, active, passionate love draws us together, and she challenged the conference to continue to find ways to be together through the Mozambique Initiative.