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Discovering and Defining Steps


By Pam Ekey

The Missouri Conference ordained 10 new elders, commissioned one provisional deacon and eight provisional elders, and recognized two new associate members in a special worship service Sunday morning.

Rev. Steve Breon, chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry, said the work of the BOM begins long before candidates reach to point of ordination. “Our work begins before we have any idea that there is a stirring in anybody’s heart that they have a calling to ordained ministry,” he remarked, “Some of you here today may have a stirring in your heart. Our job is to help you discover that stirring and begin to define and take steps toward ordained ministry."

Those steps may involve talking with a pastor, attending a Candidacy Summit, meeting with the district committee on ministry and later meeting with the BOM to help each person identify, define, and clarify the nature of their call. 

“Our task is to identify and nurture those who are called to ordained ministry, beginning in the local church,” Breon encouraged the assembly to do their part to help identify and encourage those who are called to serve.
Breon recognized the journey does not end with commissioning or ordination as an elder or deacon in full connection. He said at that point a new journey begins of service and ministry in the church.  He introduced a new retreat program for clergy who have served a minimum of five years. Called Re, the three retreats are intended to give clergy the opportunity to reflect, re-center and reclaim their call. Information on the program are available at