Deadline Approaching for Submitting Petitions, Resolutions to Annual Conference


By Fred Koenig

The Standing Rules of the Missouri Annual Conference dictate:
201.05 All resolutions from individuals, congregations, or groups other than councils, teams, committees or boards of the Missouri Conference must be in the office of the Director of Connectional Ministries before April 15 in order to be considered by the approaching session of annual conference. Resolutions that are determined to be out of order by the Bishop shall be returned to the petitioner by May 15. Resolutions that are determined to be in order by the bishop will be distributed for review as follows:
Resolutions calling for changes to the Standing Rules will be distributed to the Rules and Procedures Committee;
Resolutions will financial implications will be distributed to the Finance and Administration Team;
Resolutions with Social Principle implications will be distributed to the Social Justice Team;
All other resolutions will be distributed to the Mission Council.
The appropriate group will consider the resolution and will be responsible for its presentation to the session. It may collaborate with the author of the resolution to perfect the resolution or to resolve the issue before its presentation at annual conference. If the issue is not resolved, the group will present the resolution as stated by the author; however, in order to improve the deliberative process it shall also briefly summarize in what ways it agrees or disagrees with the petition. No appropriate group may begin the above collaboration and perfecting process with a resolution author until the resolution author gives written permission for the process to begin. 
In addition, if the collaboration and perfecting process has begun after written permission of the resolution author, the resolution author may end the process at any time by so informing the appropriate group.
Resolutions will be included in packet materials distributed at the annual conference session and will be placed on the web site for earlier access ( Individual members of the Missouri Annual Conference churches, a local church of the Missouri Annual Conference, or any unit of the Missouri Annual Conference may present resolutions. Resolutions requesting actions on subjects over which the Annual Conference has no control will not be received for action. The original resolution must be signed and submitted before April 15 in order to be considered by the Annual Conference.
Please use the following guide for submitting resolution.
Resolution to the 2015 Missouri Annual Conference Session
Send signed original to: Resolutions
Missouri Annual Conference Session
3601 Amron Court
Columbia, MO 65202
To ease in printing and making the petition available on the conference website, we invite you to e-mail a copy to