Cyclone Idai: Ways to Respond


On March 14, Cyclone Idai made landfall at the city of Beira, Mozambique. The cyclone slammed into the southeast African country as a high-end Category 2 storm with 175 kph (110 mph winds) at midnight Thursday, causing widespread devastation, before moving inland into Zimbabwe and Malawi. Aid agencies fear that as much as 90% of the city of Beira, Mozambique may be destroyed.
Some important information regarding Cyclone Idai’s impact:

  1. The official death toll in Mozambique stands at 84, but "everything indicates that we can have a record of more than 1,000 dead," warned Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi in an address on national radio Monday.
  2. The Methodist Mission areas of Cambine, Gondola and Chicuque sustained significant damage including missing roofs, doors and windows. The orphanage in Dondo sustained roof damage but all children and staff are accounted for. 
  3. The Mozambique Initiative is in contact with Ezequiel and other conference officials who are now on the ground in these areas to assess impacts. Rev. Lucas Endicott is in contact with partner annual conferences and organizations in the USA and in Mozambique to be fully informed.
  4. A response plan is being formed in communication with those on the ground in Mozambique. The Mozambique Initiative impact will likely include a focus of initial emergency needs of individuals and repairing, rebuilding, and cleaning chapels and parsonages. Accounts on the ground in Mozambique include these communities coming together, helping those in most desperate need first. By responding in this way, our hope is the churches can continue to be beacons of hope, sharing God’s love.
  5. Thomas Kemper, General Secretary of Global Ministries reports that, ”Our UMCOR disaster response team has been in touch with Respeito Chirrinze, [Mozambique] Disaster Management Coordinator. He has been very up-to-date in his actions relevant to monitoring and collecting primary data and assessments to be able to move as quickly as possible to address needs where they are, especially in the face of the communications issues you also describe. Through his coordination and in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Institute we hope to be able to have an initial rapid assessment completed by tomorrow to allow swift and direct response to need in the affected areas.”

  How you can help:

  1. You can give using any of the following methods:
    • Check: Send a check to the Missouri Annual Conference, 3601 Amron Court, Columbia, Missouri, 65202, with "Mozambique disaster recovery" in the memo line.
    • Online: Use this link to donate online.
    • Text: Text the amount you'd like to give "MI" (For example, 50 MI) to 573-207-4546, and you will be prompted through. For the next three weeks all monies received through the MI text-to-give code will be used for Mozambique disaster recovery.
  2. Collect an offering at your church using these worship resources
  3. Be in praying for our brothers and sisters in Mozambique.

To stay informed:​

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If you have any questions or would like more information about the Mozambique Initiative, contact Rev. Lucas Endicott at or 573-777-1242.