Connect: People + Resources + Ministry


The Methodist movement has always been about making connections. We are a ‘connectional’ church in structure, and we seek to bring individual human hearts into community with one another and with the Living Lord.

Your Missouri United Methodist Foundation has been about the business of connecting people, resources and ministry for over 50 years. For online readers of this magazine, just click on this link: Annual-Review-website.pdf to “connect” to the new Foundation Annual Review. (Or, for those on the mailing list, you can look to your mailboxes!) Here are few additional ways to make connections for you and your congregation.

Expand the Gift-giving Menu

Check out this short video on the Foundation’s gift services: The Foundation processes gifts of stock, administers endowments, donor advised funds, and a variety of planned gifts, and offers information and assistance with all kinds of gifts.

From Financial Stress to Financial Ministry: C2FM

This program was established through a connection between the Lilly Endowment and the Foundation. C2FM offers financial education for clergy and laity as well as financial coaching and direct financial aid for clergy. Find out more about the initiative in this short video:

Seminars & Workshops

A great way to help your church members connect money with ministry is to host a Foundation workshop. Explore the different types of presentations and topics on our website: https:// To schedule a workshop contact the Foundation office.

Undergraduate & Seminary Scholarships

Each year the Foundation offers scholarships to student members of Missouri congregations pursuing education beyond high school as well as scholarships for seminary students who are candidates for ministry in Missouri. Additional assistance is available for eligible students at Saint Paul’s School of Theology and Central Methodist University. Make the scholarship connection at

Your Missouri United Methodist Foundation is a connector of people, resources and ministry. Make your connection today at, 1-800-332-8238 or just stop by the office!