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Conference Finances Solid


In the Finance and Administration portion of the Saturday morning Business Meeting, Rev. Nate Berneking reported that the Missouri Conference is as strong financially and administratively as it has ever been. He and his team reported on Clergy Support Team, Board of Trustees, and Council on Finance and Administration.

Rev. Berneking, Rebecca Dungar-Peak, and Tom Ventura reported the following regarding Clergy Support Team issues.

  1. The $1000 moving assistance payment to retiring clergy, and the $1500 reimbursement to local churches for the moving expenses of an incoming pastor remain unchanged for 2018.
  2. The 2018 Pre-82 pension past service rate recommended to the Annual Conference is $625 per service year. This item required a vote and was passed.
  3. CRSP and CPP percentages and requirements remain unchanged.
  4. Health insurance rates have increased, but the Annual Conference will continue to bill churches at the 2017 rate ($8,760), a rate that hasn’t changed in seven years.
  5. However, new in 2018, clergy members will be required to pay an annual total of $444 out of pocket if they choose to be covered by the B1000 PPO policy.
  6. Rev. Berneking and his team will be conducting workshops around the state during the first two weeks of October to address health insurance questions.
  7. The 2018 retiree health insurance stipend is $265 per month.
  8. Adoption of the Comprehensive Benefit Plan and the Clergy Support Team Policies and Procedures was approved.

Rev. Berneking and Rev. Sherry Swanson, Chair, presented the following information from the Council on Finance and Administration.

  1. Apportionments were paid at a very strong 87.31% in 2016.
  2. 612 churches paid 100%.
  3. 32 churches paid more than 100%.
  4. The Southeast District paid the highest paid percentage at 98%.
  5. The debt against the Conference Center building is at an all-time low.

The following proposals were made and approved June 12.

  1. The moving policy is up for approval but does not propose any changes.
  2. A new office structure was proposed that will include the addition of a new Director of Next Generation Ministries resulting in six directors rather than five.
  3. A 1.9% increase in pay was proposed for District Superintendents.
  4. The proposed 2018 budget totals $13,911,075, up from $13,829,937 in 2017, an increase of .6%.
  5. Rev. Berneking and Rev. Swanson will conducted a workshop on June 11 to answer any questions about any of these issues.
  6. Ivan James reported on behalf of the Board of Trustees.
  7. Sixteen churches have voted to close over this 2016/2017 Conference year. The Annual Conference voted to approve the closing of these churches.
  8. The Finance and Administration team of the Conference reports smooth operations and that was evident in the presentation they made. Thank you to all members of the team for faithful and excellent service.