CMU Service Day Making A Difference


By Kent Propst

More than 2,100 Hours 
from 700+ Volunteers

“I love Service Day. A chance to get into the local community, help others, and have fun with your friends—what a great way to spend a day!” 
Abby Addleman, sophomore pre-major student from Cape Girardeau, captured the sentiment of many students while cleaning cabinets at one of the homes for foster children at Coyote Hill near Harrisburg, during Central Methodist University’s 2015 Service Day.
In total, over 700 CMU students, faculty and staff donated more than 2,100 hours of service work at CMU’s annual Service Day on April 9. CMU volunteers worked at 32 sites ranging from highway cleanup along Howard County roads to preparing 6,981 pounds of food for regional distribution, to packing 14,000 meals for international aid. 
Volunteers could be found in Fayette, Glasgow, Boonville, Columbia, and cleaning up along the banks of the Missouri River.
“This year, we were intentional to expand our service efforts to impact our local, regional and international community,” said Lucas Endicott, director of the Center for Faith and Service at CMU.
Julie Martin, Associate Director for Civic Engagement, organized much of the effort. "It is important that we dedicate one day a year to service, a piece of the university's core values—commitment to social responsibility and making a difference in the world,” she said. 
“It is refreshing and inspiring to be a part of a community that continues to live out their mission through their actions and engagement," Martin added. Community partners were thrilled with the CMU support on Service Day. Liza Thompson, Volunteer and Event Coordinator at Coyote Hill remarked, “CMU is an exciting partner for Coyote Hill.” 
Beyond Service Day, Service Scholars from Central Methodist’s newly-created program, serve at Coyote Hill throughout the academic year. Thompson noted, “One volunteer comes two times a week. She is full of energy—blesses the house, and the kids get so excited when she arrives!” 
According to its mission statement, Central Methodist University is committed to “preparing students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility.” 
CMU Service Day is increasingly important to living out this mission. 2016 holds even more promise as CMU continues to work with local community partners to make a difference in the world.