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Celebration of Ministry


By Susan Sneed 

The service celebrating both the retirees and the newly commissioned started with the worship team band from Platte Woods UMC. 
Certified Lay Ministers were presented by Rev. Karen Hayden: Ray Anderson, Marie Briggs, Jewell Brodie, Darby Bunch, Mary Compton, Ann Decker, David Dee, Nancy Douglas, Gloria Farr, Loyd Hefner, Michael Helms, Nancy Hollingsworth, Ivan James, Galen Keats, Joe LaPrise, Rick Matson, Kathleen Moran, Jackie Nance, Arnold Parks, Darwin S. Myers and Nelma Williams. 
Those licensed for pastoral ministry were presented by Rev. Jim Barnett: Amy Armstrong, Angie Barlett, Cheryl Benz, John Black, Tracy Carpenter, Clark Chickering, Greg Cox, Marcus Davajon, Suzanne Epperly, David Hill, Scott Kiddle, Elizabeth Lindley, Duane McDowell, Larry Mills, Kathleen Moran, David Mortenson, Tamera Mortenson, Colette Patton, Abby Peper, David Shadinger, Larry Sorrells, Richard Stilley, Catherine Turner, Vonda Veale, Scott Wall, Lindsay Walters and Benjamin Williams.
Those who have completed the Course of Study were presented by Barnett: Charlene Dart, Carol Meyer, Jim Pemberton, Matt Riley, Tim Schulte and Susan Smith.
Steve Breon and Hayden led in the Commissioning of the Provisional members. The new members will serve for a minimum of two years before being eligible for ordination: Paula Brookshier, Bradley James Bryan, Britton Lee Fields, Cassie O’Brien Graham, Erika Anne Gravely, Casey Michael Henry, Michelle K. LaGrone, Amie Danae Littrell, Danny Lybarger, Arden Ratcliff-Mann, Jim Peich, Elsie Quintanilla Perez, Craig Stevenson and Nicholas Van Dam. 
In the book of Kings, the story of  Prophet Elijah passing his mantle to the younger prophet, Elisha is told, the mantle being the responsibility and commitment to God. In remembrance of that act, the passing of ministry from one generation to another, is remembered this year with David Bennett representing the retiring class and Elsie Quintanilla Perez representing the new class. In addition to those on the facing page, also retiring this year were Bruce Bray, Elsie McNeil, John Kerr and Clifford Rawley.