Books With Missouri Conference Ties


By Fred Koenig

Pastor on Track
Reclaiming Our True Role
By Emanuel Cleaver III

Distilling the essential role 
of pastor. So often pastors are defined by external forces, rather than by the essential nature of the pastoral leader as modeled in scripture. Taking positive steps to 'put pastors on track,' author Emanuel Cleaver III draws on his own experiences and from dynamic and effective pastors and churches across the country. He presents biblical models to distill his message and to recalibrate the definition of what makes the best church leaders.  Pastor on Track helps clergy re-frame their congregation's expectations and empowers them to do the work of the people, so the pastor can do the work of the pastor.

Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church
By Bob Farr and Kay Kotan

Learn how to make the changes that will bring real results. Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church offers prescriptions for the top ten issues seen during church consultations. Bob Farr and Kay Kotan share their expertise from working with churches across the country, detailing the most common concerns and obstacles, and then go straight to the point: What to change, and how, for positive results. They offer a helpful approach to fixing common problems, and strategies to help congregations achieve success in specific areas of ministry. Proven success stories offer practical application, inspiration, and hope.

Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry
By Robert Schnase

Give permission and see what happens. Churches say No in a thousand ways to new ideas, ministry initiatives, and creative people. Churches struggle with committees that are no longer conducive to their mission while pastors and laity have become conditioned to view anything new with suspicion and resistance. Churches operate with a pervasive culture of No. Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry is written for people whose passion has been simmering for years, who yearn to be told Yes ! It’s for those whose energy and ideas have been tamped down by systems and attitudes that restrain ministry and who have felt frustrated by attempts to start programs, reach new people, or experiment with alternative worship services, only to be told No.

Propel: Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity
By Clayton Smith

Creating a culture of generosity beyond tithing. Pastors and other church leaders often feel ill-equipped in the critical area of stewardship and giving. Propel: Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity fills that need by offering a comprehensive course in church stewardship for the pastor, stewardship leader, or seminarian. Author Clayton Smith gives clear instructions for the organization and implementation of annual campaigns, planned giving programs, memorial gifts, and much more. He offers an extraordinary depth and breadth of practical information along with the wisdom that comes with decades of real church leadership experience.

High Yield:  Seven Disciplines of a Fruitful Leader
By Dr. Lovett H. Weems Jr. 
& Tom Berlin

Implementation of proven practices builds a fruitful leader. Just as in the world of agriculture, many variables influence fruitfulness. Leader behaviors are among the most important of those variables. Whether by training or intuition, fruitful leaders develop a set of practices that serve them well and bear much fruit. These practices often become second nature to these leaders, and thus they seldom think to share them with other leaders who may be struggling. Dr. Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Tom Berlin provide a vital resource to leaders through High Yield, a book that consists of a series of short chapters on leadership practices the authors have found most fruitful in their leadership and what they've seen exemplified in others. While many of these practices are common among diverse leaders, their implementation is as unique as the leaders themselves.

Time Management for the Christian Leader or How to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip
By Ken Willard

Get more than you thought possible out of every day, month and year. God gives each of us the same 168 hours every week. Some of us seem to use that time with incredible efficiency and power. But for many others this is an area of frustrating deficiency. Time Management for Christian Leaders challenges leaders to evaluate goals, and teaches practical techniques for improvement. Author and coach Ken Willard reveals ways we inadvertently waste time, and offers solutions in a step-by-step process at the reader’s own pace. This book is engaging, easy to read, and even entertaining. Most importantly, it is full of information that can transform the Christian leader’s ministry and life.