Bishops Uphold Values in Interim Report on Way Forward Work


By Fred Koenig

Placing emphasis on the values of unity, space and contextuality - all for the sake of mission – the Council of Bishops is exploring sketches of three models as possible directions for a way forward for The United Methodist Church over LGBTQ inclusion. With the mission of God through the risen Christ at the core, the bishops this week received an interim report from the Commission on a Way Forward that offered three sketches of models that would help ease the impasse in the church, noting that the power of the Holy Spirit trumps and guides all the church’s activities. The Commission serves the COB, helping prepare the COB to fulfill its mandate to make a recommendation for a way forward to the General Conference.

Missouri Bishop Bob Farr is currently at the Council of Bishops meeting and will issue a statement on the report from the Commission on the Way Forward when he returns next week.

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