Alter Ego in Advent


There are many places where you can see Santa Claus around Jefferson County in December. Schools, churches, scout meetings, community events, a goat farm … as well as many one-on-one personal visits. One place you won’t see him is in the church at St. Andrew in DeSoto on Sunday morning. You will see Rev. Stephen Richardson preaching there, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Santa. 
Spoiler alert: Richardson adopted an alter ego about six years ago, putting his fully developed beard and jovial demeanor to double duty as he
leads his church through Advent and transforms into Santa for his community. 

He went all-in, getting a professional-grade Santa outfit. During the pandemic, he had to be Santa at a distance, appearing on a carriage pulled by Clydesdales, setting up behind barriers of presents and making personalized Santa videos. He is open for business and is back to making appearances around the community.