Lasting Lessons


By Amanda Pelletier

Ten months ago, I stepped foot into the Missouri Conference Office and began my internship with the Mozambique Initiative. I can still feel the first day nerves jumping in my stomach; I still harbor the disbelief that I secured such an incredible opportunity. Since the beginning of 2015, working at an organization with the values, passion and heart that MI has was my biggest dream. A year later there I was, opening up the doors to the office, about to participate in my first meeting. I am endlessly amazed by what God can do. 
Now it is the end of 2016, and my internship ends with my college graduation. In the past 10 months I reformatted our newsletter, revamped our missions guide, designed the Annual Conference booth, traveled to Mozambique, updated and maintained covenant partnerships, and designed worship resources for the website. 
In the countless emails, conversations, and projects, I developed communication skills, improved my writing, and learned to manipulate technology. While I learned invaluable work place skills, the most important thing I will take away is the compassion drive, and heart every member of the ministry possesses. 
Under Craig’s leadership, I witnessed how passion to further God’s kingdom could be translated into a full-time job. Although he may tell you he’s naturally an early riser, his selfless devotion to early mornings to fit our Mozambican colleague’s workday shows his commitment to put others’ needs above his own. With his data gathering and administrative expertise, he manages the 150+ Missouri covenant partnerships skillfully.
I saw how individuals used their talents and free time to keep MI functioning. The group gave up weekends and weeknights, sharing ideas throughout the workweek, reading news, encouraging people to give, mentoring others on how to go. 
I met Mozambicans whose faith far surpassed my own, and everyday I was nudged a little closer to Jesus’ heart through my work. I leave with a deeper understanding of the body of Christ, a richer humility and greater gratitude for the luxuries of our culture, and most importantly, an ignited desire to lay my plans and life before the Lord to use as He pleases. 
For every person I interacted with through MI shared one characteristic – a willingness to give everything they had to Jesus. It is this willingness, this desire to fulfill the Lord’s plans above their own that will continue to transform my own life as I leave the Conference Office. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for MI taking me on, but I hope each person knows the Missouri Conference Office and Mozambique left indelible memories and lessons in my heart. May the Lord’s will be done in Missouri, in Mozambique and in the world.