Not a Pig Show


Rev. Morris Matthis of the Texas Conference may not have won the Episcopal race but he seemed to win the best concession speech award hands-down. 
After the 23rd ballot Rev. Matthis stepped up to mike to make what he called his “Brexit” speech. He said he learned to prepare for the day by helping his daughter raise show pigs.
“Sometimes you pick a pig, and you think you have a show pig. You take care of it, everyone compliments it, your friends come by and say, ‘that’s a show pig.’ Then you get to the fair, and with a wave of his hand the judge says, ‘That’s not a show pig.’ Sometimes you come here thinking you’re a bishop, and people say, ‘That’s not a bishop’,” Matthis said. “I guess that comparison could be insulting to bishops, or insulting to pigs. Both are praised and treated like royalty until they get slaughtered. I’ve got more...”
Advised by the presiding Bishop that he’d better wrap it up, Matthis closed on a positive note.
“You all are awesome people, awesome leaders...generations from now, when the United Methodist Church is strong and vibrant, people who are wise will look back and say ‘how did they get through it?’ The answer will be that we were deeply committed to loving one another and fulfilling our ministry in a United Methodist way.”