Next Generation Ministries


To kick off the report of Next Generation Ministries, Emma Woods, Campbell UMC, shared scripture from Ephesians and Alex Riddle, Christ UMC, led in prayer. Emma and Alex are both members of the Conference Youth Leadership Team.
Next Generation Ministries staff person Kim Parker asked members of the Conference if they remembered what they did in their free time when they were in 8th grade. She explained that young people desire most to be included, valued, invited, be part of something bigger than them and feel they matter. She stated, “Even if we don’t always “get” each other, we need to include each other.” She went on to say that we need a church that allows young people to explore theology and that provides a safe, hospitable place that offers young people new ways to serve. Parker urged the conference to see youth not as the church of tomorrow but as the church of today.
NextGen is trying to give youth the opportunity to hear a calling God has placed on their lives and be changed. The ministry also strives to offer congregations guidance and substantial resources to be inviting to the next generation. For more information, go to