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Conference Budget to Decrease Slightly for 2017


By Joan DeBoe

Tom Hilton, Chair of the Council on Finance and Administration, reported that during his tenure on the committee a number of positive changes had taken place. The Conference identified, purchased, and implemented a new accounting software system, built a new building, and moved from cash basis to accrual accounting. All of these changes were positive and helped the Conference move to a more transparent and robust system. Even with all of these positive changes, Hilton noted that one thing that hadn’t changed was the generosity of local church members across the Conference. Apportionment giving reached 87.76% in 2015, the highest it has been since the two Missouri conferences joined in the early 2000’s with 633 churches paying 100 percent, 22 of which actually paid more than 100 percent. He congratulated the Mid-State district for being the highest paying district at 99.8 percent.The following proposals were approved by the Annual Conference:

The Moving Policy was not changed, but it has been the practice for the Annual Conference to affirm the policy each year. 

The CFA policies have been amended in regard to district superintendent compensation. The change provides for a 1.7% increase in pay. Additionally, it corrects an inequity in the calculation of pension benefits as impacted by a difference in housing allowance versus a parsonage.

The 2017 budget totals $13,829,937, a decrease of .4% ($50,360) from the 2016 budget.
Rev. Nate Berneking thanked Tom for his distinguished service as Chair of the CFA. Rev. Sherri Swanson will serve as the next chairperson.
Berneking presented the 2015 Audit Report to the Bishop, noting that it is a clean audit of books prepared, for the first time in the history of the Conference, in full accrual accounting as required by generally accepted accounting principles.
Berneking also announced that Rev. Joan DeBoe has been granted a full-time appointment to Missouri United Methodist Church and will be leaving her role as Assistant Treasurer at the end of June. Ms. Angela Thomas has been hired into this position, bringing with her many years of church accounting experience. Angela began her employment this week, so please welcome Thomas to the Conference staff. Berneking offered a CFA workshop on Sunday afternoon.