A New Year for Lasting Legacies


There are so many legacies from which we benefit. Parents often-times leave us with a powerful set of values and a strong legacy of service and acceptance of others.     
Our faith instills a legacy of biblical knowledge, curiosity, and generosity. Our church furthers those legacies of affirmation and opportunity, of unconditional love, friendship, and time-tested values. 
As we consider all the blessings left to us by others, there is one question we must ask ourselves: What legacy will I leave?
God’s future is ripe with possibility and a legacy gift to your church can make a world of difference. Here are some examples:
  • Create a scholarship fund that will assist the youth in your congregation to attend college.
  • Endow your pledge to your church forever. Your estate gift of $65,000 will ensure an annual income of approximately $3,000 to your church that will grow into the future. 
  • Create a matching fund for missions. Create a fund that will affirm the annual giving of your congregation to missions with a matching incentive. 
  • Direct your legacy gift to a favorite ministry area(s), such as music ministry, children, missions, evangelism and outreach, or maintaining a historic structure. 
  • Start a Donor Advised Fund today that can become your legacy fund in the future. 
The Foundation can assist you and/or your congregation to develop, plan, and administer legacy gifts. Give us a call at 800-332-8238 to request information, sample materials, or a personal visit. We are happy to meet with individuals, as well as church committees. 
The Foundation website is another great resource: www.mumf.org. Brochures and information can easily be downloaded or you can place an order for quantities to share with the congregation (and, as always, the material is free).