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Parting Shot


Water is something we need, an essential to creating and sustaining life. The people of the Missouri Annual Conference understand that clean drinking water is vital, and we reach out in ministry to those without. For many reasons, I love living near water be it a lake or a river. Water is also something we fear. As I took this picture of the Mississippi River at an early flood stage, I guarded against falling in. As we have seen with the recent flooding in Missouri, water can be dangerous. People can lose their property, their jobs, their lives or the lives of loved ones (including pets) when rivers overflow their banks.     Anyone can become disoriented, overwhelmed to the point they can no longer cope or function, even lose their faith. In the Bible, water is symbolically used in rich and diverse ways, even as polar opposites – life and death, order and chaos, blessing and affliction. As we remember our baptism, let us embrace the positive images of water as we reach out to a world living the opposite end of the spectrum. 

See you down at the river!