2023 Annual Conference Prep


Annual Conference is described by the church’s Constitution as the “basic unit” of the church. That unit typically gathers every June to celebrate, learn together and conduct a little bit of business. To get the most out of your Conference experience, consider these best practices.

Best Practices

  • Register early. Late registrants have handmade nametags will make you stand out.

  • Download the workbook to your device PRIOR to coming. The workbook is 100+ pages before you hit “print.”

  • Consider making MOACinfo.com a shortcut on your phone.

  • Clergy should meet with the church’s lay member(s) before going. Set expectations with them.

  • Dress in layers. The St. Charles Convention Center’s Exhibit Hall fluctuates in temperature. Be prepared.

  • You will likely be standing and walking a lot. Wear comfortable shoes.

  • Review the schedule and identify places for you to take breaks.

  • Make plans with a colleague or two or three (you get the idea). Don’t forget holy conferencing is about connection.

  • Do not leave personal items (purses, briefcases and computer bags, especially with devices in them) in the Exhibit

    Hall between sessions, or overnight.

  • Getting from place to place takes longer than you think it will.

  • Local lunch places will take longer than you expect. Consider smaller groups of people or breaking up groups to expedite service.

Sharing the Experience with Your Local Church

  • According to ¶251.2: “The lay member(s) of
    the annual conference, along with the pastor, shall serve as an interpreter of the actions of the annual conference session. These persons shall report to the local church council on actions of the annual conference as soon as possible, but not later than three months after the close of the conference.”

  • The workbook features an agenda with a notes section for your lay member to jot down thoughts relative to your local context.

  • All lay members will receive an email the week after Annual Conference recapping the weekend’s events. There will be an abundance of video and photography available for download share with your local church.

  • Consider writing an article in the church’s weekly newsletter, and creating a video to share on your social media platform and in electronic communications about the Conference.

  • Post on your local church’s social media throughout the Conference (the exception is the closed clergy session on Saturday afternoon).

  • Consider sharing the livestream feed to your church’s social media.

  • Create a photo album to share in worship or on social media.

  • Host a Sunday morning coffee hour following Conference to share your experience with your local church.

Setting Expectations with the Lay Member to Annual Conference

  • Meet with your lay member before going to Conference. Walk through the workbook, discuss any legislation
    or potential votes, special offerings, etc. The workbook becomes available on May 11. Set a date to review.

  • Make plans to have lunch or dinner with your lay member early on during the weekend. Coordinate with a church in your district so they can meet another lay person.

  • Share with your lay member a realistic expectation of how much time they will spend with you.

  • Help make connections for your lay member especially if this is their first time.

Additional Resources: ​Conference Agenda, Workbook, Videos, FAQs & More Online www.moacinfo.com

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