Delegate Elections 2015


During Annual Conference Session the Missouri Conference elected a delegation to attend next year’s General Conference in Portland, Oregon in May and the South-Central Jurisdictional Conference in Wichita, Kansas in July. Every delegate received at least 50 percent plus one of the vote of the body. Six laity and six clergy were elected for General Conference, and another six laity and six clergy were elected for Jurisdictional Conference. Two alternates for clergy and laity for both Conferences were also elected. The delegates elected were:

General Conference Laity: Brian Hammons, Larry Fagan, Margie Briggs, Randy Biggerstaff, Jill Wondel and Ivan James.

General Conference Clergy: Cody Collier, Lynn Dyke, Emanuel Cleaver III, Matt Miofsky, Bob Farr, and Karen Hayden.

Jurisdictional Conference Laity: Yvette Richards, Shannon Meister, Ken Willard, Megan Sinn, Andrew Ponder Williams, and Kay Kotan. Alternates are Amy Thompson and Tammy Calcote.

Jurisdictional Conference Clergy: Andy Bryan, Steve Breon, Trista Soendker Nicholson, Jim Downing, Kendall Waller, and Jeremy Vickers. Alternates are Charity Goodwin-Rosario and Ron Watts.

General Conference is an international meeting of the United Methodist Church that meets every four years and sets polity for the entire denomination. Jurisdictional Conference meets the same year as General Conference an addressing matters affecting the regional jurisdiction, including the election and assignment of Bishops. General Conference delegates are also members of the Jurisdictional Conference delegation.