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New Places Congregational Excellence Grants

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Deadline: October 1 for Fall Grant Cycle
Only complete applications submitted through the online form will be evaluated.


About the New Place for New People Grants

In the Missouri Conference, we recognize God is doing new things to reach people in fresh new ways. We refer to these ways as New Places for New People (NPNP). These come in a variety of forms and can take place both in-person and virtually. We are committed to multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19) by providing resources and support to pastors and laity that have a desire to start something new that will reach new people.

The Center for Congregational Excellence offers grants twice a year (spring/fall) and the amounts given out vary by the type of grant requested.

Grant Process

If you would like to be considered for a NPNP grant, you must submit a completed grant application. All grant applications received are reviewed by the Center for Congregational Excellence and the Congregational Development Team. You will be notified within 60 days of submission following each deadline as to whether you have been awarded a grant. You may be contacted sooner by someone from the CDT or CE team if questions or clarification on your grant application are needed. Below you will find additional information and resources to help you complete this application.

Grants Types and Amounts

* A collaborative parish is a relationship between at least two congregations in which resources are shared. This could be in the form of a connection, partnership or a campus. For the benefit of this grant, we are considering a collaborative relationship where a more resourced congregation shares resources with a less resourced congregation. A connection collaborative relationship share at least two out of these three elements: Preaching, administrative support or pastoral care. A partnership collaborative relationship shares all three elements of the connection level and other ministries or programs.


You may submit a grant at any time throughout the year; however, The Center for Congregational Excellence only awards grants in the spring and fall.

  • Deadline for Spring Grant Application: April 1st
  • Deadline for Fall Grant Application: October 1st

Grant Worksheet

IMPORTANT: Jesus saves, but unfortunately the online grant application does not. To avoid losing your information, please use this worksheet to prepare. Once you have finished filling out the worksheet and are ready to submit your application, simply copy the information from this worksheet into your online application when you are ready to submit it.

Download the Worksheet


The following resources will help you to answer the questions on this grant application. If you need assistance in completing this application or have general questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone at the Center for Congregational Excellence. We are here to help!

Knowing your Why by Simon Sinek is a short but powerful video that will help you articulate your why for starting something new.

Mission Insite will help you provide the demographic report requested as part of your application. If you are unfamiliar with Mission Insite or need helping to create a report. This resource will walk you through how to do that.