New Places Congregational Excellence Grants



Only electronic applications will be accepted. Each church may apply for each type of grant one time. Please note: You cannot start your application and return to it. There is no save feature. Use the guidelines below to prepare your application before starting the digital form.

Grants offered:

How to Apply

You will need the following materials for your application:

  • ExecutiveInsite demographic report 2-3-mile radius around ministry site from (Contact Tammy Calcote,, for login credentials.)
  • Church data: Baptisms, average weekly attendance, professions of faith and apportionment percents paid from 2014-2018
  • Operating income, operating expenses and year-end totals for the last five years, including year to date
  • Signed District Superintendent approval (Download the Word doc or PDF)

Steps to Apply

  1. Fill out the following Word document for the grant you intend to apply for:
  2.  Send the completed Word document for your District Superintendent for approval.
  3. Take your answers from the Word document and copy them into one of the following digital forms:

Questions? Contact Tammy Calcote at