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New Places for New People

Led by the Center for Congregational Excellence


5 Kinds of New Places for New People

  1. Small Group
    A group of less than 15 people who gather at least twice a month in-person or virtually with the goal of becoming more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and reaching new people.

  2. Recovery Ministry
    A group of any size that meets regularly in-person or virtually and takes a Christ-centered approach to reach new people and help them recover from hurts, habits, or hang ups, e.g., Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, Grief Share, or another Christian support group. Churches may also partner with recovery groups they host, such as AA, Al-Anon, Gam-Anon, CHADD, etc., by offering radical hospitality, building relationships with group leaders, praying for requests made anonymously, and/or making available a designated chaplain.)

  3. Missional Community
    A group of people that meets regularly in-person or virtually outside the four walls of the church and are united around a mission that allows them to serve and witness to a particular mission field, e.g., neighborhood, region, or network of relationships. The participants of a missional community find their primary identity of “church” within the missional community, rather than an established church or small group and are committed to live out certain gospel identities and rhythms. Missional communities can take place in bowling alleys, fitness centers, restaurants, VFW halls, homes, workplaces, online, or anywhere they can share the love of Christ as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 and care for each other’s needs.

  4. New Worship Service
    A group of 15 or more people that meet at least once a month in-person or virtually to experience praise, joy, mourning, and celebration in a fresh new way with the purpose of reaching people not currently involved in a worshiping community.

  5. New Church or Multi-site
    A new body of believers or a new site of an existing congregation that gathers in-person or virtually to reach new people.




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How Does a Church Become a Supportive Community

To help others through the re-opening of in-person congregational life, it is important to have a basic understanding of what is potentially going to happen when we start gathering face-to-face. Rev. David Howlett and Elain Howlett, creators of The Mourning Center at Christ UMC in Independence, Missouri, offer thought about how to minister with those who are grieving in the attached document.

The Church & COVID-19 Ministry Webinar: How to Welcome and Connect with Church Guests Online

How to Welcome and Connect with Church Guests Online   Churches of every size are now meeting online for worship and experiencing the blessing of new people attending their services for the first time. Learn ways your church can be intentional about welcoming and connecting with guests online before, during, and after the service.

Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship coaching offers a model for creating a transformational, multiplying discipleship culture within a ministry context. Through this coaching model you can develop a focused vision for where you’re going and a creative plan for getting there.  





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