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New Places Grants Spring

Due Feb. 1, 2021

Before you start

  • Please note that the following dates are when grant applications will be accepted for this period: Nov. 6-Feb. 1.
  • You cannot start your application and return to it, there is no save feature. Use the worksheet below to prepare your information before starting the online application.
  • Only online applications submitted through the online form will be accepted. 
  • Each church may apply for each type of grant one time.
  • Applicants have best success gathering information at least eight weeks before application deadline. 

What you need

  • ExecutiveInsite demographic report 2-3-mile radius around ministry site from, learn more on our MissionInsite page. Contact Tammy Calcote with questions.
  • Operating income, operating expenses and year-end totals for the last five years, including year to date.
  • Signed District Superintendent approval of your worksheet.

Steps to apply

  1. Fill out the worksheet in the appropriate grant category.

         2. Send the completed worksheet to your District Superintendent for approval and signature.

         3. Take your answers from the worksheet and copy them into the online application.


Online application 

For questions regarding applications and funding, contact Tammy Calcote at