August 23, 2016

Premiering at Annual Conference, The Jewel Initiative is a resource for churches who give their Christmas Eve offering for the Mozambique Initiative. 
The Jewel Initiative is designed from the idea that our partnership with Mozambique is beautiful and radiant. The premise is that sharing our witness and learning together with the people of Mozambique can provide fruit such as a safe water well or microfinance project for church sustainability. 
The Jewel Initiative can be accessed in the on the Mozambique Initiative website at or Craig Stevenson at can send you a USB drive of all the files. Resources include: 

Challenge your congregation to give extravagantly for missions during the holiday season by beginning to create the excitement today. By having two levels of financial commitment, nearly all churches can participate or join together to create and share the hope and love of Christ while changing Mozambique and ourselves.
Each church that participates in The Jewel Initiative will receive a gift from Mozambique! Be sure to let Craig know to include your congregation in this Jewel Initiative.