May 01, 2016

The law allows charitably minded individuals a golden opportunity to make gifts directly from their IRAs and exclude the amount of their gift from gross income. Now persons over the age of 70 ½ may make a gift to their church directly from their IRA, which counts toward their required minimum distribution, without including the distribution as personal income.  
Your Missouri United Methodist Foundation is here to help local churches facilitate these gifts. Here are the key requirements and how it works:

The Foundation has helpful (both electronic and hard copy) sample letters for anyone interested in this opportunity. Just call us at 800-332-8238 or go to The Foundation can mail you a packet of information or you can download the Donor Sample IRA Distribution Request Letter and The Sample Church IRA Gift Receipt. Supporting your church’s ministry...easy as “rolling over.”
Donors and church administrators may contact the Foundation for assistance and information at 800-332-8238 and/or download sample materials at