December 30, 2015


Dan Steska, Associate Director for Disaster Response for the Missouri Annual Conference, called Missouri Methodists into action due to the recent flooding throughout the state. United Methodist Disaster Response has set an immediate and urgent goal of 2,000 cleaning buckets (a.k.a. “flood buckets”). The value of a cleaning bucket is roughly $65 each. Volunteers should watch this video for bucket contents and assembly. Cleaning buckets can be dropped off at the following places any time in the next 30-60 days to replenish current inventory (call in advance for drop off specifics):

“United Methodism’s connectional energy is needed yet again,” said Bishop Robert Schnase. “If your particular community has not been strained by flooding, I ask that you prayerfully consider offering yourselves in service to others. Our Missouri disaster response leadership is fully prepared to respond to the needs of our state, but we will need the support of the Missouri United Methodists to offer our best response.”
Steska reported the usual amount of chaos arising in the aftermath of weather-related disasters but noted that unfortunately, Missouri has a great deal of experience with flooding so state agencies and the response and recovery system appear to be working well.
“The west side of the state has already moved to the recovery phase,” stated Steska. “Missouri’s eastern side is still in response mode as they wait for water to recede.”
Missouri United Methodist Disaster Response is currently awaiting further instruction from state agencies as to how United Methodists will be asked to contribute in the “Recovery” phase. Long term recovery efforts have not begun, as we are still in the “Response” phase. Steska is in daily contact with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) and Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA).
Servant leaders are asked to focus on the following mission and service efforts: