Missouri Denominational Advance Specials

The following are the denominational Advance Specials in Missouri.

Empowering Women #560001
Multifaceted efforts to help women improve their lives and enrich their families.

Feed My People, St. Louis #560002
A chance for children in need to start the new school year with new shoes, underwear and supplies.

Heartland Network for Town and Rural Ministries #561300
An effective ministry in town and rual areas in the Midwest through networking, training, research, advocacy and support services.

Kingdom House Child Advocacy Project (Soulard), St. Louis #561225
A child-abuse and neglect-prevention program.

Kingdom House Infant/Toddler Center, St. Louis #561320
Subsidized day care for high-risk infants.

Newhouse Substance-Abuse Program, Kansas City #562374
Substance-abuse treatment services for battered women in a shelter.

ReStart Inc., Ministry with Homeless Families and Youth, Kansas City #562500
Emergency food, shelter and support services for homeless people; minstries for runaway teenagers and persons with AIDS.

La Clinica, Accion Social Comunitaria, St. Louis #561476
An effort to address medical, legal, economic, psychological and social needs in conjunction with spiritual development.

La Clinica, Accion Social Comunitaria, Capital, St. Louis #561475
Medical and office equipment; building improvements.