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June 2017

June 2017

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An Extension of Ministry

Next month The Missouri Methodists will have a list of all appointed United Methodist clergy in the state of Missouri, spanning several pages despite the small type. The clergy are listed by district, and then alphabetically by church names. But at the end of each district are a few more ...

Don't Underestimate Small

Don't Underestimate Small

Michael Slaughter likes to put himself down. He opened his talk at the Leadership Institute by saying he has no pastoral gifts and how on his first pastoral visit to a nursing home, the person he went to see dropped dead during the visit.      He also mentions that when he was appointed to...

Grace in El Dorado Springs

Rev. Jeremy Vickers and his wife Jill both have roots in and hearts for rural America. They have noticed that as many rural areas struggle economically and businesses close, churches close, too. This year at least 16 United Methodist Churches are closing in the Missouri Conference. Most of...

News and Updates

Bishop Farr Keeps Exploring Missouri

Even before his episcopal appointment to Missouri, Bishop Bob Farr had probably been to more United Methodist Churches in Missouri than almost anyone. But he’s quick to say he hasn’t been to them all, and he hasn’t met all the pastors.       “For those pastors whom I haven’t worked with, I...

Disaster Recovery in Oak Grove

Oak Grove continues their recovery and rebuilding process after a tornado hit the heart of the town on March 6. When viewing the destruction one can’t help but comment on how remarkable it was that there was no loss of life from the storm. It certainly could have gone differently.      ...

Recognized for Reaching Out

The Missouri Conference tried something new this year. Rather than presenting awards during Annual Conference Session, they opted to instead have an award banquet in Columbia. This allowed more time for the presentations and the honoree’s family to be present. The banquet was held on May ...

Understanding Injustice

Understanding Injustice

The Office of Mission, Service and Justice announced a partnership with Kingdom House in St. Louis to assist local churches in understanding issues of injustice in their communities.      A designated gift from a third party’s trust allowed the Conference’s Mission, Service and Justice ...

Laity Voices

Preparation for Pastoral Transition

By Amy Thompson The month of June is known as Annual Conference time. Last month I asked you to keep the individuals attending and the work of conference in your prayers. This is your reminder…pray for us June 9-12!      June is also known as moving month for pastors. Some of our local ...

Letters from the Editor

Go West

Rev. Mel West is kind of like Jesus. Everyone loves the thought of him – at a distance. But if you get too close, he’s likely going to suggest that you do something that makes you a little uncomfortable.       If you tell Mel you love the work he’s done with the PET Project or Rainbow ...

From Bishop Farr

We Are Alive

Over the last three months, I have had the privilege of traveling and preaching nearly every Sunday in one of our churches in the Missouri Conference. It’s been marvelous to see the life, enthusiasm and renewed vitality of our churches. I know people say the church is dead. No doubt, ...

Now Read This

Happy? What It Is and How To Find It

Happy? What It Is and How To Find It

Rev. Matt Miofsky grew up in Washington, Mo. He majored in pure mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis and earned his Master of Divinity at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Why did you write this book? My passion in ministry is connecting with people who have ...

Missouri United Methodist Foundation

Moving Forward with C2FM

“It was this beneficial, grace-filled program,” explains Rev. Mary Weaver, describing her experience at the Making Money Count workshop sponsored by the Clergy & Church Financial Ministry (C2FM). Not only was it “a great learning opportunity,” but it was a starting point for taking this ...

Music Matters

Worship Music Camp

Ryan McLouth

Worship Music Camp

By Ryan McLouth This month I wanted to take a moment to share with you a new and special opportunity that Central Methodist University will be offering this summer. Building off of the successes of our “CMU Alive!” worship music workshop that was held in February, we will be offering a ...

Wesley in the World Today

Knowing, Loving, Serving

Hal Knight
By Hal Knight We have been looking at discipleship from a Wesleyan perspective these last several months, and now it is time to sum it all up. For Wesley, a disciple is one who knows God’s love in Jesus Christ, loves God and their neighbor, and serves God and neighbor.      First, a ...

Parting Shot

Parting Shot

Eric Mattson

Parting Shot

By Eric Mattson The point of impact. Sports photography for me is a way to connect with and give something back to the community. It’s part of my ministry, a point of impact. People understand that my priorities place my faith, family, church and call above the sports, something I try to ...

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