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Mission Team

2022 Missouri Conference Mission Team




President Pam Church
Vice President Gail Tinsley
Secretary Sally Jones
Treasurer Liz Rooks


Mission Coordinators


Spiritual Growth Sally Jones
Membership Nurture and Outreach Elizabeth Mack
Social Action Tiffany Barnum
Education and Interpretation Glori Siebert


Other Coordinators


Program Resources

Donna Ford

Communications Coordinator

Technical Advisor and Webmaster

Brenda Smith-Keene

Kelly G. Loeb

Chair of Committee on Nominations Adelaide Parsons
Dean of Mission u Ruth Pirch
Mission Ribbons / Corsages

Sandy McConnell

Historian Betty Thurston
Green Team Task Force Felicia Bamer
Legacy Coordinator Verlee Gilkerson   



   District Presidents


Gateway Central Sue Daniel   Mid-State Julia Goodell
Gateway Regional Margaret Bullock   Northwest Jennifer Harman

Jana Miller


Sue Groves

      Southeast Mary Klaproth
Mark Twain Nancy Douglas   Southwest Paula Ackerson and Edith Triplett



Nominations Committee: 

Chair: Adelaide Parsons

Class of 2022: Cindy Lenger

Class of 2023: Norma McKelvy, Teresa Christensen

Class of 2024: Nancy Douglas, Alexis Robinson

Class of 2025: Kathy Rolen, Linda Gail Smith





Past Conference President: Marilyn Henegar 


updated March 5, 2022