New Missional Leaders

Increase New Missional Leaders from 0 to 400 by June 30, 2019.

Led by Center for Leadership Excellence





Pathway for Resourcing Local Churches:

  • A Missional Leader:

    • Moves from meeting God to an active, growing and authentic faith in Jesus Christ; and 
    • Is identified as a leader and is mentored by another leader; and
    • Provides leadership in their local church and/or beyond, and
    • Identifies and has begun mentoring a new leader

Ways for Growing in Missional Leadership:

  • Lay Servant Ministry
  • Mission, Service & Justice Ministries
  • Next Generation Ministries
  • Center for Leadership Excellence
  • Center for Congregational Excellence
  • United Methodist Men
  • United Methodist Women

How we will reach our goal

  • Complete 7 in-person, quality invitations on average per week to people who have not yet been equipped to become a new missional leader.
  • Engage 3 ministerial leaders on average per week with an intentional teaching about conversations with potential new missional leaders using 5 Cups of Coffee.