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New Missional Leaders

Identify 600 new missional leaders by December 31, 2020

Led by Center for Leadership Excellence





Pathway for Resourcing Local Churches:

  • A Missional Leader:

    • Moves from meeting God to an active, growing and authentic faith in Jesus Christ; and 
    • Is identified as a leader and is mentored by another leader; and
    • Provides leadership in their local church and/or beyond, and
    • Identifies and has begun mentoring a new leader

Ways for Growing in Missional Leadership:

  • Lay Servant Ministry
  • Mission, Service & Justice Ministries
  • Next Generation Ministries
  • Center for Leadership Excellence
  • Center for Congregational Excellence
  • United Methodist Men
  • United Methodist Women

How we will reach our goal

  • Complete 7 in-person, quality invitations on average per week to people who have not yet been equipped to become a new missional leader.
  • Engage 3 ministerial leaders on average per week with an intentional teaching about conversations with potential new missional leaders using 5 Cups of Coffee.

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How Does a Church Become a Supportive Community

To help others through the re-opening of in-person congregational life, it is important to have a basic understanding of what is potentially going to happen when we start gathering face-to-face. Rev. David Howlett and Elain Howlett, creators of The Mourning Center at Christ UMC in Independence, Missouri, offer thought about how to minister with those who are grieving in the attached document.

NextGen Conversations: Discipling Children with Rev. Tadd Kruithoff

This week we’re in conversation with Rev. Tadd Kruithoff to discuss how Trinity UMC in Piedmont, Missouri, does discipleship. Instead of focusing on facts alone, Kruithoff and his team lean into the relational aspect of discipleship through Holy Listening. This method allows kids to lead the conversation and share about their own lives in their own words while volunteers simply guide the conversation, teaching children to see God in everyday life.

NextGen Conversations: Youth Mentoring with Becca Boren

What would it look like to have a youth program that was easy to maintain and had a primary focus on daily discipleship? That’s exactly how Becca Boren, director of youth and young adult ministries at Good Shepherd in Kansas City, has her program aligned. Becca shows us how to turn the standard youth ministry model on its head and allow youth to mentor youth in a meaningful way. At Good Shepherd, Becca has created a system of accountability and growth in her program that has allowed youth to ...


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