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Missional Community

A group of people that meets regularly in-person or virtually outside the four walls of the church and are united around a mission that allows them to serve and witness to a particular mission field, e.g., neighborhood, region, or network of relationships. The participants of a missional community find their primary identity of “church” within the missional community, rather than an established church or small group and are committed to live out certain gospel identities and rhythms. Missional communities can take place in bowling alleys, fitness centers, restaurants, VFW halls, homes, workplaces, online, or anywhere they can share the love of Christ as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 and care for each other’s needs.


A Pathway to Starting a New Missional Community

  1. Begin with a dangerous prayer: Lord, use me.
  2. Assess the needs/interests in your mission field.
  3. Communicate the needs/interests to your congregation and create awareness (videos, sermon series).
  4. Cultivate ideas and leadership using FAN (see the webinar below).
  5. Network both inside and outside the church.


Fresh Expressions

The original resource for the international movement called Fresh Expressions – missionary disciples cultivating new kinds of church alongside existing congregations to more effectively engage our growing post-Christian society.

Fresh Expressions Video Channel

Multiple short videos on Fresh Expressions concept and ideas.

Good Neighbor Day 2020

Good Neighbor Day 2020: How to Be A Good Neighbor →

Learn + Lead Webinar: Missional Communities 101

Rev. Brandon Wrencher shares about The Good Neighbor Movement, a movement that returns to a vision of the local church as networks of small covenant communities that follow Jesus’ way of life in the neighborhood, and what your church needs to start its own missional communities.

Learn + Lead Webinars: Exponential - Why and How to Multiply Your Ministry

A practical webinar led by Rev. Dr. Ken Nash is the lead pastor of Wesleyan Church of Hamburg in Hamburg, NY on the concept of multiplication and the “art of reproducing yourself” including the simple and effective FAN method.