Leadership Course Guide

Click here to download the course guide used at Annual Conference (PowerPoint format only).

Lay Speaking Ministries Table Project Web Site

The is a site for collaboration of Missouri lay speakers. Join it, join your district group. Discuss topics of mutual interest. Post prayer requests, service requests, participate in other faith-based activities.

Missouri School of Lay Ministry Ning Web Site

The website provides follow up dialogue to the 2009 School of Lay Ministry, “Lay Speakers Lead Congregations to a Heart for the Unchurched,” and other areas of Missouri lay speaking ministries interest.

Lay Speaking Ministries website

This Lay Speaking Ministries website is maintained by the Association of Conference Directors of Lay Speaking Ministries.

About Lay Speaking Ministries

Browse detailed Lay Speaking Ministries information and get answers to frequently asked questions.

General Board of Discipleship

The General Board of Discipleship website has information about the Ministry of the Laity on the GBOD website as well as resources, links and brochures.

Follow Lay Speaking Ministries on Facebook

United Methodist Lay Speaking Ministries is on Facebook with 750 members from around the country.  Discussions need you!  Check it out.  Add your experience to the mix.  As Wesley said, “There is no holiness but social holiness.” (But I’m not sure he had social networks in mind.)  With 500 million people on Facebook, United Methodists cannot not be there!