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Conference Next Generations Team

The team connects local churches and the Missouri Annual Conference in the work of intentional faith development related to children, youth, college-age persons, camping ministries and campus ministries.
First Name Last Name Email Role Responsibility
Liz Bacar BacarELiz06@hotmail.com Member
Mona Candea monaecandea@gmail.com Member
Gizel Compton glle744@cccb.edu Member
Sarah Declue sdeclue@lacroixchurch.org Chair
Dayn Henderson Member
Cameron Knapp cwkmbp@mst.edu Member
Bill LaMora pblamora@gmail.com Member
Martin Leathers martin.leathers@gatheringnow.org Member
Mi Hyeon Lee mlee@moumethodist.org At-Large Member Cabinet Liaison
Drew Olsen Member
Tim Schulte tim.schulte@the-river.church Member
Jill Wondel jwondel@gmail.com Member