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Leadership List

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Board of Ordained Ministry

As mandated by the current Book of Discipline, the function of the Board of Ordained Ministry shall be to enlist and recruit women and men of all races and ethnic origins for ordained ministry and professional certification; to guide, prepare, examine and evaluate applicants for the ordained ministry, diaconal ministry, and professional certification; to oversee processes and provide education for changes in conference relations of ordained ministers, diaconal ministers, and those professionally certified; and to monitor the effectiveness of ordained ministers, diaconal ministers, and professionally certified persons in the annual conference.
First Name Last Name Email Role Responsibility
James Barnett Chair of Order of Fellowship
Deborah Bartley Member
Barry Baugh Member
Bruce Baxter Member Cabinet Liaison
Scott Beard Member
Ronald Beaton Member
Kimberly Berry Member
Philip Boedeker Member
Margie Briggs Member
Robert Bryan Member
Jason Bryles Member
Michael Costanzo Member
Hugh Cueni-Smith Member
Trevor Dancer Member
Charlene Dart Member
Melissa Dodd Member Cabinet Liason
Larry Fagan Member
Charity Goodwin Member
J. Israel Member
Ivan James Member
Larry Johnson Member
Carla King Member
Dr. Choongho Kwon Member
Lori Lampert Member
Robin Long Member
Barbara McKenzie Member
Trudy McManus Member Conference Staff Liaison
Dennis Miller Member
Molly Moore Member Conference Staff
Don Mowery Member
Jennifer Moxley Member
Adam Mustoe Member
Karen Nothdurft Member
William O'Neal Member
Linda Potter Member
Jim Preisig Member
Mitchell Ross Member
Antonio Settles Member
Juanita Snyder Member
Trista Soendker Nicholson Member
Jon Spalding Member
Mark Statler Member Conference Staff Liasion
Terri Swan Chair
Karen Taylor Member
Laura Taylor Member
Cheree Trent Mills Member
Katherine Trinter Member
Bryan Wendling Member
Stacie Williams Member
Michael Wondel Member