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Focus In, Focus Out


The Laity address at Annual Conference was titled "Focus In, Focus Out".  One idea presented is that Bishop Schnase's new book, along with the Conference theme of "Growing Deeper", reflect a rhythmic sense of balance in the spiritual life:  Focus In on loving God, Focus Out on loving others.  It's like breathing.

Wesley's "First" Sermon - Salvation by Faith


Wesley’s sermon “Salvation by Faith” was listed first when he organized all his sermons. Its message is a foundational principle of Christianity: by God’s grace we are saved through faith. How can we as leaders better understand, articulate, and apply this doctrinal standard today?

Wesley -- Plain Truth, focused on the Bible


John Wesley presented Christianity as "plain truth for plain people" that could improve people's lives.  He considered the Bible as authoritative in determining that truth, the primary source for Christian belief and life.  Can we, as leaders in today's church, do the same?

What is a Methodist?


John Wesley described a "Methodist" as, essentially, one who loves God and neighbor.  And as a person who pursues holiness of heart and life.  What does this mean for us as lay leaders today?

Recalling Our Roots


Recalling John Wesley's life and faith is a key part of revitalizing our church and our leadership.

Welcome to the Lay Leader Blog!


Insights, ideas, and thoughts from the Missouri Conference Lay Leader, along with readers' comments. 

Serenity in Conflict


Leaders face disagreements and conflict at some point.  Focusing upon the main objective and keeping emotions in check are vital.  We must trust God to grant Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom in leading through the conflicts.

Being There


Have you ever wanted to be in two places at one time? Or even three places? Most of us who serve in leadership positions feel that way a lot.

Perspective - What is God’s Agenda at AC?


Perspective – What’s God’s Agenda at AC?

Easter witness in a doubting world


Easter witness in a doubting world

You're a Lay Leader! what?


You're a Lay Leader! what?

Church on the Mountain


Church on the Mountain

What is "leadership"?


Leadership  is primarily about one thing -- influence.  A good definition of leadership is this: the capacity to influence people toward a positive outcome.

General Conference 2016 -- Our Delegation Begins Preparing

Have you been wondering what our Missouri Conference delegates to the 2016 General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference have been doing since they were elected in June?                  Well, even though the conferences are still months away (General Conference in May, Jurisdictional in July), they’ve already spent a lot of time preparing.  In fact, the full delegation of 28 people (14 lay and 14 clergy) have met three times in Columbia and several attended a jurisdictional briefing in ...

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