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College-Age Years: The Best Years of Your Life


That’s what an older adult told me when I was 18 and about to start college. A few years ago. Well, maybe a lot of years ago. Looking back, I don’t really think they were the best years, although they were very memorable and I still have several friendships that began in those years. But they were some of the most pivotal, transformational times of my life.

Reflecting on Boston


The Boston Marathon. Those three words bring to mind tradition and endurance. For anyone who runs, the words carry a sense of awe, difficulty, and maybe ultimate accomplishment.  

Lay Leaders Will Remember Missouri


“Remember the Future.” This was the theme for a recent gathering of United Methodist conference lay leaders from all over the country, and a couple from Europe and Africa.

Spiritually Engaged Laity


During this season of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, I’m pondering this question: “What would it be like if my entire congregation were filled with Spiritually Engaged laity?” I invite you to ponder that question, too.

What About The Main Thing?


Do you ever get distracted and lose focus from something important? It happens a lot in our lives with the constant barrage of tasks, demands, and changes.

It's Advent Season!


A time of hope, expectation, longing. We think of Advent as the few weeks leading up to Christmas that are filled with holiday activities at church, with our families, and in the community. Decorations, carols, gift shopping, special gatherings, etc., etc., etc.

Sharing the Harvest


Fall is a wonderful time of year. I love the mild weather, colorful leaves, and many activities in our churches, schools, and communities. Of course, I also enjoy the outdoor sports activities and festivals.

Imagine No Malaria - Running for a Cause


Can you imagine running to help save lives through “Imagine No Malaria”? You know, moving the legs, pounding the pavement, covering a few miles.

Laity Voice: Angels Along the Way


Do you ever experience times like that when you need guidance, or even feel you’ve got ten lost while walking with Christ?

Running for a Cause - "Imagine No Malaria"


Here we go again . . . . Yes, another Marathon – 26.2 miles. On Labor Day (Sept. 2), I’ll be running the Heart of America Marathon in Columbia. I’ve been training some for this, and hope to battle the heat, humidity, and hills to qualify to run Boston again with my daughter April.

Angels along The Way


Last month my wife Kim and I travelled to Spain. It was part business and part pleasure, taking the opportunity to see places we’d never been to before. One of those places was Santiago de Compostela in the northwest corner of Spain. We discovered that Santiago is considered one of the most holy cities, especially in the Catholic church, just behind Jerusalem and Rome. And it seemed that, at least on one day, we experienced angels guiding us along the way. Let me explain.

Journey demonstrates fruits of Mozambique Initiative


“It’ll change your life.” That’s what someone told me about the trip to Mozambique in April.

Off to Mozambique


When you read this, I’ll be somewhere in Africa – Mozambique, actually, which is in southern Africa just northeast of the country of South Africa and along the coast. But of course, many of you know that since you’ve been there.

Lay Servants or Lay Speakers - What's the difference?


“What’s all this about ‘Lay Servants’ -- did they do away with ‘Lay Speakers’ at the last General Conference?”

Leadership - What Is It?


There’s been a lot of talk the past couple of years about “leadership” -- in government, the church, business, really all types of organizations. This has gotten me to thinking: just what is “leadership” anyway? Have you ever wondered about that?

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