Crossroads Church Internship

Cole Seminary Internship

A residential crossroads internship is worked out independently between the ministry site and intern. The intern and ministry site are not a part of the interview process. This is typically when an intern works in their home church. Ministry site and intern comply with all other aspects and components of Crossroads. 

A voyager crossroads internship will involve an interview process and placement of the intern to a ministry setting. The placement will be the best fit for the intern and church based on interests/affinity. The intern has the opportunity to connect with the ministry setting before accepting placement.

  • Compensation: $2,000 by the host ministry’s budget.  The ministry site will also provide ministry travel reimbursement at IRS standard mileage rate. An additional $1,000 will be given to the intern for compensation by the Missouri Conference Office of Pastoral Excellence.
  • 10-week internship
  • Housing provided by host ministry


Offered in cooperation with the Missouri United Methodist Foundation.

  • Open to any Missouri Conference-related, full-time seminary student in the candidacy process or beyond.
  • Students should have at least one full-time seminary semester remaining.
  • This is a full-time, 10-week internship, so interns are not allowed to be serving in any other ministry/job during this time.
  • Compensation: $8,600 scholarship sent to the school. Interns receive reimbursement and a housing option.