Culture of Call with Rev. Molly Moore

In this two-part teaching, Rev. Molly Moore shares how you can cultivate an organic culture of call at your local church and how we can encourage listening to God's call at all ages.

Discipleship Coaching with Rev. Mark Statler

Discipleship Coaching offers a model for creating a transformational, multiplying discipleship culture within a ministry context. Through this coaching model you can develop a focused vision for where you’re going and a creative plan for getting there. In this class, Rev. Mark Statler teaches helps you get started using Discipleship Coaching in your ministry.

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts with Rev. Molly Moore

Spiritual gifts are sometimes considered mystifying, complicated and hard to understand. Yet, learning about how God has uniquely equipped and gifted each of us is a step towards understanding our calling as God’s children and how we are called as kingdom workers on earth. In two short videos, Rev. Molly Moore offers a short teaching on the SHAPE method for discerning your spiritual gifts and the GRASP model for discovering your God-given purpose.

Ministry of All Believers with Rob Gordon and Mike Sykuta

As a lay member of the United Methodist Church, YOU are called to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living out the disciplines of Jesus and growing the Body of Christ through listening, learning, loving and leading. North Central District Lay Leaders Rob Gordon and Mike Sykuta lead five sessions exploring this call to lay ministry.