Extravagant Generosity: The Hart Home

March 18, 2015

What would it feel like to hear the screaming roar of a tornado or the horrible shaking of your foundation crumbling as a floodwall of water smashed into your home? Most of us will never know. But some do. These are the survivors who have been given into the generous hands of the Missouri Conference United Methodists.

Due to the kindness and concern shown by so many there are now several families who will have a brighter holiday season this year. Families who experienced hopelessness and destruction now have a renewed joy and future provided by you!

Those who had found shelter for months in flooded out mobile homes and a pop up camper will this year have a home they can call their own. Four brand new homes were built in Piedmont in a collaborative effort between Catholic Charities and the Missouri Conference. Hundreds of UMC volunteers traveled to help rebuild the lives of the flood survivors in this area.

At the 2013 Annual Conference Session another big dream began to take shape. On November 7 the dream became a reality. A new home in Joplin, was dedicated for the Hart family. We found what it meant to have ‘Praying Hands and Dirty Fingernails’.

The journey started with a giant load of two-by-fours outside the Springfield Conference Center. While people wrote personal blessings on the wood, these quickly became walls as volunteers began to show their love to this family. What was once a pile of lumber, within five months, became the new Hart home. One of our core practices is ‘Extravagant Generosity’. This has truly turned into a reality that has changed so many lives.

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