New Places Grant Deadline
This event recurs Yearly from Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Brittany McIntyre

Starting a new place for new people? There's a grant for that. Apply for a New Places Grant from now until October 1. Grants are available for the several types of new places for new people: The first step is to fill out a worksheet and submit it to your District Superintendent. For more information and to get started on the worksheet visit

Questions? Contact Brittany McIntyre at

* A collaborative parish is a relationship between at least two congregations in which resources are shared. This could be in the form of a connection, partnership or a campus. For the benefit of this grant, we are considering a collaborative relationship where a more resourced congregation shares resources with a less resourced congregation. A connection collaborative relationship share at least two out of these three elements: Preaching, administrative support or pastoral care. A partnership collaborative relationship shares all three elements of the connection level and other ministries or programs.