Giving Tuesday
Daily life looks different without electricity. Most modern conveniences – like working after dark and charging a cell phone – require power. Yet, 65% of United Methodist pastors in Mozambique don’t have electricity in their parsonage.

Solar panels can solve this problem. When installed on local church parsonage roofs, the panels provide clean and sustainable energy to the home below.

The Mozambique Initiative helps meet the greatest needs of partner communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Our partners in Mozambique shared their hope to support the faithful service of United Methodist pastors and their families by providing electricity in their homes.

Making this connection provides opportunities for both ministry and daily life. Access to electricity enables children to complete their homework in the evening and pastors to continue their work and worship preparation after the sun sets. Thanks to solar rays collected during the day by the panels, church activities – including special services, outreach programs and meetings – can extend into the evening hours. Electricity allows pastors to implement time- and money-saving technologies, like refrigerators. In some locations, the addition of electricity presents the opportunity to provide cell phone recharging stations to the community as a means of outreach.

Stateside, we often think of solar power as a luxury. In Mozambique, this is one of few options for providing power to isolated and rural areas. Their minimal maintenance, long lifespan and weather resistance makes solar panels an investment worth making in both the parsonage property and the environment.

The cost of installing solar panels is $2,500 USD per parsonage. Our Mozambican partners hope to equip 50 parsonages with panels. Your gift of any size, combined with those from Mozambique Initiative supporters across the state, will make a real difference in the lives of pastors and their families in Mozambique.

Donate this #GivingTuesday:

  • Online at
  • Mail your check to Missouri Annual Conference of the UMC, 3601 Amron Court, Columbia, MO, 65202. Make sure to include “Giving Tuesday” in the memo line.
Once donations are collected in Missouri, 100% of funds will be sent to Mozambique. Thank you for giving the gift of light this holiday season!

All donations and distributions are managed and audited by a London-based accounting firm. Donations are distributed quarterly, in order to reduce transaction fees. Each Mozambique Initiative fund, with the exception of 8140 and 8150, will benefit from a 10% tithe on programmatic expenses for administrative expenses in Missouri and in Mozambique for the Mozambique Initiative. If you have any questions about the donation process or how funds are distributed, please contact us.