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NW Advent Grant Deadline
Friday, November 5, 2021

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Northwest District



Megan Hayes

We are entering another Advent that may look different than the past because of COVID. We just don’t know. However, the District knows that clergy and church leaders are worn out. However, Advent is a beautiful time in the liturgical year. Can the district help to spark excitement for Advent within the congregation while looking outside to the community? We do not want to add one more than to a busy calendar. However, if the congregation has considered ministry but needs a little help financially, let the district help with the Advent Special District Grant.

What could your congregation do differently this year to reach into the community around you? Is there a new expression of the Christmas music you could offer the community or an innovative Children’s activity that the community could be invited to participate? Is there a service you could offer to the community through a meal or another creative way? What is something for your context that might spark some excitement for the Advent season? And can the District help with some seed funds?

Application closes November 5