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Virtual NextGen Academy - Wonderfully Made
Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Fairview UMC
3200 Chapel Hill Rd
Columbia, MO 65203-0881

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Maggie Lohmeyer

Wonderfully Made: Finding Body Positivity and Creating Healthy Relationships

This event will be VIRTUAL. We will be joining the collaborative effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will not be meeting in person. Please register if you plan to lead or attend the virtual academy! Registrants will receive links to the presentations, devotion, Bible study and discussion guides. We will also send follow up emails in May and June with a few more questions.

We encourage you to use these resources however it makes sense for your group. The materials will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete with videos and discussion. We suggest breaking these into two separate meeting times. They will be sent by email no later than April 22nd to everyone who registered, and then be available online by April 25th.

How can we be created perfectly in God’s image, but be so different from one another? What should our relationship with God and others look like? April’s NextGen Academy will focus on how God created you and desires a relationship with you. We will explore how we perceive and love ourselves and others, and discuss ways to maintain healthy relationships.

About NextGen Academy

The Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church has identified missional leaders as their essential priority. Missional leaders are intentionally growing in Christ in order to serve with vision and hope for the Christian community. A disciple becomes a missional leader as they identify others, who identify others, who practice following Christ. Missional leaders are freed to lead in the context of their community, local church and beyond.

One year ago Next Generation Ministries created the NextGen Academy to be an environment for students and young adults to discover and grow in their faith alongside friends and mentors during quarterly events. Students will explore spiritual gifts, leadership development, and service and mission. This exciting, free program enables students ages 13-18 from across the state to grow in their faith amongst a community of curious Christians just like you!


Purposeful Connections: Developing Relationships that are Right for You

This interactive presentation, delivered by Dr. Monk and Dr. Herzog, both of whom are assistant professors of Human Development & Family Science at the University of Missouri, uses evidence from relationship science to help young people think about their relationship goals (with friends or romantic partners) in light of their own personal goals and values. Participants will learn about what healthy relationships look like and how to develop them at a good pace, effective communication and conflict resolution strategies that help in any social interaction, and how to cope when relationships end.

Loving Everybody

All bodies deserve love and respect! Join Dr. Ginny Ramseyer Winter and Amanda Hood who work with the Center for Body Image and Research Policy to talk about how we can learn to love and respect our own bodies when they don’t live up to the unrealistic expectations our culture has created. This presentation on positive body image aims to help you find ways to love, accept, and respect your body. The topics covered will be the unrealistic expectations of bodies in social media, the effects of focusing on others’ ideas of what “perfect” looks like, and ways to combat these harmful ideas.

If you have any further questions or are interested in the NextGen Academy, but can’t make this event email Maggie Lohmeyer.