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Crossroads Internship


Core Values of Interns in Conference Internships are:

  • spiritual development
  • gain sense of community
  • leadership advancement

A residential crossroads internship is worked out independently between the ministry site and intern. The intern and ministry site are not a part of the interview process. This is typically when an intern works in their home church. Ministry site and intern comply with all other aspects and components of Crossroads. 

A voyager crossroads internship will involve an interview process and placement of the intern to a ministry setting. The placement will be the best fit for the intern and church based on interests/affinity. The intern has the opportunity to connect with the ministry setting before accepting placement.

  • Compensation: $2,000 by the host ministry’s budget.  The ministry site will also provide ministry travel reimbursement at IRS standard mileage rate. An additional $1,000 will be given to the intern for compensation by the Missouri Conference Office of Pastoral Excellence.
  • 10-week internship
  • Housing provided by host ministry

Steps to Apply

Only electronic applications will be accepted. Each church may apply for each type of grant one time. Please note: You cannot start your application and return to it. There is no save feature. Use the guidelines below to prepare your application before starting the digital form.

  1. Preview the application questions using these Word docs:
  2. Take your answers from the Word document and copy them into one of the following digital forms:

Applications reopen fall 2019

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