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Rev. Bill Kenagy (Video Interview)

July 19, 2021

Rev. Bill Kenagy
Pastor at the Central Community/All Faith Charge
Shell Knob, Missouri

Using the blue Vimeo bar, navigate to these timestamps to hear about specific topics:
  • 0:06-0:38 When I First Heard About the Pandemic
  • 0:41-2:43 Moving Online
  • 2:44-4:38 Navigating Differing Opinions
  • 4:39-6:06 Connecting to Community
  • 6:07-6:44 Rural Response to COVID-19
  • 6:45-8:07 Pastoral Care
  • 9:13-10:37 Lessons I’ve Learned
  • 10:38-11:41 What Surprised Me Most

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