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Worship/Liturgy Resources


Prayer: A Blessing for Washing Hands During a Pandemic

Prayer: A Blessing for those Who Wait by Beth Richardson, The Upper Room

Prayer: Psalms by a Bishop

Worship: Resources from The Fellowship

Poem: The next time we gather at the table by Rev. Winter Hamilton

Prayer: A Prayer for the Critically Ill in the Time of COVID from enfleshed (All prayers should be used with printed credit to enfleshed unless otherwise noted.)



Get Your Church Online

A video tutorials series featuring Dustin Bryson on how to adapt your church for online platforms. 

No Tech or Low Tech Ideas from the Holston Conference

Instructions for Facebook Watch Parties

A set of instructions on how to host a Facebook Watch Party.

Ask The UMC: How can we livestream worship legally?

There are a number of copyright considerations in order to legally livestream your worship service...

COVID-19 Lockdown: Creating Live-streamed Worship in 3 Days

I pastor a church under COVID-19 restrictions. This is how we worshipped online with only 3 days prep...

Worship Planing & Design with Social Distancing

A webinar from the Rio Texas Conference.

How to Livestream Your Church Service: A Practical Guide

Livestreaming a sermon or Sunday service can be a daunting challenge, especially for small-to-medium-sized churches that lack the budget and team to execute such a production. The following is a practical guide for how small- or medium-sized churches can get started in livestreaming...

Faith Revisited | Episode 15 | Livestream Worship Logistics

Two Millennial church leaders discussing God, faith, the Church, and what it means to be authentic and welcome ALL people...

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Worshiping Online

When doing anything video related online, there are some things to remember.  The most important thing is...

Quick Guide for Shooting Video from Phone and iPads

A brief overview of how to shoot videos on phones and iPads.

Online Worship Technology Grants

New grant offered by Congregational Excellence for churches who are transitioning to online worship.

Worship Hospitality and Connection Tactics During COVID-19

Ways to adapt church hospitality and connection tactics for in-seat churches.



License Discount

One License offers gratis licenses to help with COVID-19 challenges, valid through April 15.

UM Book of Worship and UM Hymnal Ritual Resources

To assure that local churches have the resources they need, the United Methodist Publishing House (UMPH) announced that it is granting permission to livestream and post online selected content from the United Methodist Book of Worship (BOW) as congregations care for their members during the international health crisis...

Use of RSV/NRSV for Church Services

During this time of National Emergency due to the COVID-19 virus, the National Council of Churches (which owns the rights to both the RSV and NRSV) has temporarily revised our permissions policy. Churches that livestream or broadcast their church sermons during the National Emergency declared for COVID-19 may use the RSV/NRSV without any special permission requirements.